Vibrant™ Knee

Vibrant™ benefits

  • Pain Relief

    Vibrant™ Knee devices can help with the pain relief. In case of physical pain after physical activities the user will experience release in tight muscles. 

  • Increase Range of Motion

    Vibrant™ Knee devices may help with increasing the range of motion.

  • Decrease Swelling

    Vibrant™ Knee devices can help decreasing swelling in the knee joint.

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Vibrant™ FAQ

How often can I use my Vibrant™ Knee?

Vibrant™ could be used as many times as needed. vibrant™ works different for everyone and effectiveness of the treatment depends on the nature of pain and pain sufferers condition.

How often do I need to charge my device?

On full charge the battery can support up to 4 treatments. During the 16 minutes treatment, your device will  alternate between 4 patterns. At the end of the treatment, the vibration stops automatically and  your device goes into sleep mode.To extend the battery life turn the device OFF by pressing the ON/OFF button.  

How do I maintain my Vibrant™ Knee device?

To keep your device in good shape, please avoid extensive stretch, heat, cold and moisture. To clean your device you can use a cloth to dray clean your device with soap and water.