Drug Free

Vibrant improves the quality of life by limiting the use of medication and painkillers.


Vibrant is the first wearable and programmable therapeutic vibration system.Vibration mesh architecture is embedded in wearable wraps, pads and braces.

Easy to Use

Vibrant Wraps activate and run off and app on your hand held device. Vibrant app Get the app! is easy to use and provides the user with various treatment patterns.

Da Vinci2

“Very Impressive! I use Vibrant and wake up with minimal pain without taking my painkillers.”

Clinically tested on 450 Patients Watch the videos! , Vibrant was used for 15 minutes on each patient with the following results:

  • 90-95% acceptance
  • Pain reduction from 2 levels down to total pain abortion
  • Major reduction in swelling (neurogenic edema) and increased range of motion
  • Results of treatment lasting from several hours to days and weeks


Figure: Pain level change after using Vibrant

The tests were done in three different pain clinics located in Waterloo, Cambridge and London Ontario.

Risk Free!

  • Try Vibrant at one of our locations close to you. Contact us for more information. 
  • You want to go back to your painkillers? We will have your Vibrant back free of charge. Pain is always free.

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